2-Cigar Case

Toiles écailles Bleu de Paris / Cuir Bleu Lavande

Arm yourself with tradition. 

Armour for your cigars. Artisans developed the leather moulding technique to make the first pieces of leather armour, known as 'cuirasses'. This artisanal process, whereby the leather is moistened and then moulded on a wooden form, makes your case incredibly strong. Your precious cigars will be safe. Store up to 3 cigars, measuring 2 cm/0.8 inches in diameter and 15.5 cm/6 inches in length.

Smoking seriously damages your health and that of those around you.


product sevenseductive details

The scale

From very beginning, the brand has used the Ecailles scale motif as the house signature. This motif – at once armor and ornament, evoking dragons and mermaids – confers power and allure to its wearers.

Lyon frame printing

The artisan screen-prints the Ecailles scale pattern onto the weave of the canvas in steps, using different stencils. This demanding technique is intricate and requires the hand of a virtuoso. This method enables Fauré Le Page to pair superlatively strong canvas with the embellishment reserved for the finest of fabrics.

The 7

Since 1717, the number 7 has figured prominently in Fauré Le Page's flamboyant history. The house’s creations are secretly imbued with this number. Here's a clue: 7 scales appear in each signature on the house canvas. Can you find all 7 good-luck charms concealed throughout our collections?

The colors

The house palette features a selection of shades referencing our vibrant history.

The house's motto

In love and combat, the same qualities lead to victory. True to its motto, "Armed for seduction", Fauré Le Page supplies weapons to win hearts. The choice of weapon is up to you.

The crest

In the center of the coat of arms, the royal fleur de lys celebrates the ingenuity of a dynasty of artisans that won over European elite. According to this emblem, "Nothing is impossible for the brave of heart".

The cartridge holder

Formerly used to keep ammunition within arm’s reach, the bandolier now symbolizes skill in amorous combat. What type of ammunition will you be pinning to your bag? Humor or reserve, vivacity or demureness, diplomacy or impetuosity, candor or mystery?